MDIF Statement

Global MDIF Statement

Founded in November 10, 2012, the My Dream International Foundation (MDIF) is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization registered in the State of Texas and the U.S. Federal Department of Treasury, IRS and committed to providing scholarships and leadership program support to Korean heritage younger generation as well as programs to cultivate these purposes.

Our Mission 
To foster dreams of Korean heritage younger generation, and to enhance their leadership potential.

Our Vision (MDIF)
A set of philosophy drives our commitment to; Motivate leadership, Develop characters, Inspire heritage, and Fulfill dreams.

Our underwriting of scholarships, dream festivals, leadership programs, and recognition of outstanding achievement enhances our younger generation’s potential and advances their positive contribution toward the society, furthering our mission.

Our Programs and Activities

[1] Foundation Global Scholarship for Leadership and Service
This Global Scholarship for Leadership is established to recognize unique contributions and accomplishments by individuals promoting their vision. The scholarship award is generally presented at the My Dream Gala. Helping college students as they work to earn their degrees is one of the cornerstones of the Foundation. We fund numerous scholarships for students. There are numerous scholarships, such as, General Scholarships and Endowed Scholarships and Foundation Scholarships. Each scholarship ranges from $500 to $3000 yearly up to 4 years of college study.

[2] Global support and organize  “Youth Dream Presentation Festival”.
The Foundation sponsors and organizes Youth Dream Presentation Festival for all the region in the world each year that youth students present their dream in a speech competition format. This competition gives Korean heritage youth an opportunity to present their vision and talent.

[3] Collegiate Korean Gagok Ensemble Festival (KGEF)
The Foundation organizes a Korean Gagok ensemble competition every year that youth and college students perform Korean traditional art songs in a duet, trio and quartet format. This exciting and high-visibility ensemble competition gives Korean heritage youth and college students a chance to put their musical talent.

[4] Youth Leadership Program & Networking
Every year, the Foundation will organize a program to be held in Korea and the United States, for youth leaders to develop leadership, advance volunteer spirit, and experience Korean heritage as well as networking development.

[5] Foundation Awards on Distinguished Benefactors
The Foundation recognizes our distinguished benefactors and board members by presenting prestigious awards for their outstanding individual contributions, the Foundation confirms the excellence and generosity of their contributions to the society.

[6] The Annual MY DREAM GALA
The Annual MY DREAM GALA is the culmination of the Foundation and the Foundation recognizes the selected youth and college students by funding several awards for their outstanding individual achievements. Eminent scholars and famous achievers will give speeches at the Gala and also the college scholarships will be awarded at the Gala.

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