나의꿈갤라   My Dream Gala 

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

The Annual MY DREAM GALA is the culmination of the Foundation and it recognizes the selected youth and college students by funding several awards for their outstanding individual achievements. Eminent scholars and famous achievers will give inspirational speeches at the Gala and also numerous college scholarships will be awarded at the Gala. Also, the Foundation recognizes our distinguished sponsors and the board members by presenting prestigious awards for their outstanding individual contributions, the Foundation confirms the excellence and generosity of their contributions to the society.



2 thoughts on “GALA

  1. 나의꿈재단 2017년 GALA가 LA에서 세계 곳 곳에서 참석할 학생들의 꿈을 펼치는 천사의 관문에 될것 같습니다!

  2. 아름다운 로스엔젤레스에서의 2017년 나의꿈 GALA 는 정말
    아름 다웠습니다!! 태국, 일본, 프랑스, 독일, 그리고 미국 보스톤에서 온 장학생 여러분들 모두 그려온 꿈을 마음것 펼처 나가기를 바랍니다.

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